Make Samsung mobiles unlock faster

 Make Samsung mobiles unlock  faster

A simple trick leads to amazing results.

Many modern Samsung Galaxy smartphones are equipped with fingerprint scanners built-in under the screen, but often users are unhappy with their speed. Craftsmen have discovered a simple way to solve the problem.

How to make Samsung smartphones unlock twice as fast

It is reported that by following several steps that do not require special skills, the user can speed up unlocking the smartphone up to two times. However, those who tested the method have different results. For many members of the XDA-Developers mobile developers community, the speed has doubled, while others speak only of “light” acceleration.

So, you need to open the settings application, go to the item with Apps applications, click on the menu button at the top and choose to show system applications Show system apps. Next, you need to find and select this item.

Then, in the Battery section of the Battery, select the Optimize battery usage optimization and you need to make sure that the All item is selected in the drop-down menu, then again find and click on the slider to disable the function. After all this shamanism, you need to restart the smartphone.

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